Tysons Pilates is proud to be a host studio affiliate for Pilates Education Institute offering Mat Pilates and Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training programs. There are many Pilates training facilities, but the common thread among these schools and ours is that we are all teaching the Pilates Method based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates.  This program meets all of the requirements for our trainees to take the PMA®-CPT exam.

As an affiliate of Pilates Education Institute we offer a teacher training program committed to providing a solid foundation for educating teachers about the principles of Pilates, it is a collaboration of many Pilates professionals committed to designing materials that are put into the hands of studio owners so they can teach their own teachers.  Pilates Education Institute has host and independent studio affiliates in over 20 studios in the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia and England who are using the program and producing great teachers.

Some frequently asked questions about our training include:

1) Will there be homework? 
There is usually some recommended reading and review of the materials during the training since there are written tests at the end of each course.

2) What does a common week look like for someone who is training for this exam (between, teaching, observing, and taking class).
 It is recommended that the trainee attends some classes or observes in between (this is optional) as time and schedule permits.

3) Once the coursework is over, how long will I have to pass the PMA exam?
After completing the coursework and the hours (observation, practice teaching, etc) for the entire 450 Hour comprehensive program, there is a written test provided by Pilates Education Institute, given through Tysons Pilates.  Upon passing the test the trainee will receive a certificate of completion of the 450 Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program.  They are then eligible to sit for the PMA exam.  We recommend studying using the PMA Study Guide as well as using the tools provided on the PMA website for practice tests, etc. There is no time limit that is takes to complete, it depends on each individual's schedule and availability.

4) Will the PMA require annual continuing education credits to maintain the certification, and if so, where are these  offered?
Yes, the PMA requires 16 CEC's every 2 years to maintain certification and there is a complete list on their website of offerings.  Also, attending one PMA annual meeting every 2 years (locations rotate yearly) meets all of the CEC's.

5) I've heard that these are some of the top methods to train in... What method would I be learning with you? Would I need to go be educated all over again in one of these after training at Tysons Pilates? I just want to make sure that I am investing in a known method. I know that training this would allow me to take the PMA exam, but will there be studios who don't hire me because I don't have training from one of these? 

Body Arts and Science International 
Balanced Body University 
Polestar Pilates 
Physical Mind Institute 
Peak Pilates 
Power Pilates
Stott Pilates
Romana's Pilates

The training centers mentioned above are all Pilates teacher training companies offering their own version of the Pilates Method, their own training requirements, and the differences are vast. The PMA, knowing that there were so many options out, there spent many years perfecting their "certification" requirements and their standards for having a program that meets all of the criteria to be "registered" under their name.  The PMA does allow just any student who has completed a 450 hour comprehensive training to sit for the exam (certificate from the training program and proof of completed hours must be shown)  

As far as being hirable after completing our 450 hour comprehensive teacher training, studio owners and directors look for trainees who have completed a comprehensive program, such as TysonsPilates is offering and a majority of studios in the US now offer group classes in addition to private sessions and have added contemporary additions to the Pilates exercises, which Tysons training offers.

For many aspiring Pilates teachers, choosing the specific training program has a lot to do with "location" (many of the above trainings require you to travel to where they are), cost, requirements for completion (some require even if you are trained at a host studio you must fly to their headquarters to "test out") as well as a connection with the director and studio environment.  It is great to be trained in a small group with a dedicated trainer and to learn to be the best Pilates teacher you can be!

For specific questions regarding sitting for the PMA Exam please visit their website:www.pilatesmethodalliance.org.

For more details about pricing and training schedules, please contact pilates@tysonspilates.com or visit or click on the Instructor Training page on the home tab of our website.

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