​Cancellation policy: 

24 Hour Cancellation Policy/No Show policy is in effect. Package holders will be charged as if they attended unless the spot can be filled. Unlimited members will be charged $25 unless the spot can be filled. 4x and 8x monthly members will forfeit the class unless the spot can be filled.

1984 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 200

McLean, Virginia 22102

703-288-0353 pilates@tysonspilates.com

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Late Arrival Policy:

We understand that "stuff" happens and sometimes things are out of your control, such as traffic, kids, etc., however we want to make TysonsPilates a safe and relaxing place for everyone, so we will adhere to the following policy:

It is up to the discretion of the instructor to determine if late clients will be safely allowed to join the class depending upon factors such as how late the student is, the level of experience the student has, and how disruptive a late student might be to the flow of the class. Under no circumstances will a new client who has not completed a liability release form be allowed to join a class late. (Form is available on the Schedule and Pricing tab of the website and should be completed at home, along with the client information form and brought to the first class.)  Additionally, ten minutes after the start of class, your spot may be given away to a standby student unless you have notified the studio that you are running late.  If your are denied admittance to a class due to a late arrival, that class will be forfeited.

--​Joseph Pilates--

Policies & Info

We believe that the warm up in pilates (and all forms of exercise) is a very important time in a class. It improves your ability to work hard and safely. 

Several changes occur in the body once we start pilates.  Warming up preps the nervous system, heightens mental awareness and alertness, and loosens up joints and muscles to make them less prone to injury. Warm ups jump start the fluid located in the joints, minimizing the risk for wear and tear of the muscles.  It also serves as a transition from the outside world into the studio and into a state of mind where you can focus 100% on yourself.

Therefore we ask that you please arrive early enough to set up your equipment and be ready to start class on time. 

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in."

What to bring: 

Bring a water bottle, towel and wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move. 

​Inclement Weather Policy:

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. TysonsPilates follows Fairfax County Public Schools. If schools are closed,TysonsPilates will be closed.  If schools are delayed for one or two hours, there will be no morning classes.