​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

 Mix It UP!(MIU)

 This class combines the REFORMER, CHAIR and SPRINGBOARD with props such as bands, jump boards, rings and   balls to lengthen and strengthen your mind and body.  There are endless exercise possibilities and the time will fly by,   leaving you wanting more. This class is good for all levels as modifications can be made depending on the individual and is   a great cross training to your other sports and hobbies such as golf, dancing, cycling, soccer, running and yoga, to name a   few.  WARNING: Mix It UP! ​classes may be addictive!


This class utilizes various pilates apparatus as well as some stretching to end your week feeling relaxed and ready for the weekend!

CLASS LEVELS (there is no required number of classes a student must take to progress to a new level as all of our classes offer modifications for new students)

All Levels

Every exercise in this level will have a modification allowing each person several options to adapt the movement to meet their needs.  Students will become familiar with the various pilates equipment and props.  Classes will move at a moderate pace and have a continuous flow, but new students are encouraged to rest as needed and to listen to their bodies.  Students will begin to feel the benefits of pilates on their bodies, including increased strength and endurance, and begin to feel more comfortable with the equipment. Beginner and intermediate exercises will be introduced here.

Level 2/3
This is a fast paced class in which challenging strength and endurance exercises are introduced.  We will work each muscle group to fatigue while maintaining correct form and alignment to help you push beyond your limits.  As in all levels, students are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and take rests as needed, but no formal rests will be taken.


We offer many different packages and pricing options to meet your needs.

 Schedule & Pricing


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703-288-0353 pilates@tysonspilates.com

​​Single Drop In  $35

Intro Package -5 pack $99/1st  Month unlimited $129 (new clients only)

Regular Packages​

  • Five Class Pack $150/60 days                           30 Class Pack $690                             
  • 10 Class Pack  $280/90 days                             3 Month Unlimited $629 auto pay (requires 30 days notice to cancel)
  • 20 Class Pack $500/120 days                            1 Month Unlimited $229 auto pay (12 month contract)

  • Private $95 Duet $115 Trio $125                        8x every 4 weeks $189 auto pay 
  • Student Unlimited $199*  auto pay                   4x every 4 weeks $99 auto pay                           *


*Unlimited packages allow a student to take one class a day for as many days during the month as they wish.  In the three month package, there will be a one time, one week hold allowed to cover vacation or illness.  Monthly packages require a 12 month commitment.  No holds except for medical reasons with Dr. note. Packages will automatically renew unless 30 days notice to cancel is given.  24 hour class cancellation policy in effect.  Late cancels and no shows will be accessed a $25 fee unless we can fill your spot.  NOTE: we will make every effort to fill your space.  Of course emergencies will be taken into consideration but must be notified prior to class if at all possible.

Package holders will forfeit the class for late cancels or no shows if the spot can not be filled.

Also be aware that there are expiration dates on your packages.  Please try to use all classes by the expiration date.  In the event that any unused classes remain after your expiration date, they will be added to your next package.  We do not extend packages.  Thank you for your understanding.


*Student Unlimited are valid for full time students with a current student ID.  Must register with the studio as this option is not available online.  Same policies as for regular unlimited membership.

Fall 2018 - all classes are MIU unless otherwise noted)

MWF 10 am  12 pm  6 pm 

Th Th 5:30 am  11:30 am  6:30 pm 

Sa 8 am 9:10 am 

Su 9 am M