"Caryl has been my Pilates instructor for nine years. She is very knowledgeable and keeps her classes new and fresh. Her workouts have helped me build core and full body strength. She adjusts routines for those nursing an injury. Her classes are challenging and fun. I would highly recommend her as an excellent instructor." 

- Lana M.

"I have been a Pilates student of Caryl's for nearly ten years. She is a terrific teacher and encourages us to work hard -- keeping in mind our individual abilities. Every class works the total body, but no two classes are alike -- AND the time flies by. The ages of her students range from 30 to....70!"

- Grace L. 

"I am very happy and blessed to be working out under the leadership of Caryl. Her guidance has made me stronger in the core, upper body and legs. She knows my abilities and the abilities of everyone in her class. In seconds, Caryl can place eight people in her class in the correct weights without disrupting the class. She always does a warm up stretch, a challenging workout and a cool down. Caryl also brings her class together a least a couple of times a year for just fun. Sometimes It is for a party for charity or celebrating birthdays. Besides that, Caryl is a lot of fun to talk to and work out with. She is fair to everyone and respectful to all."

– Deborah 

"I have consistently taken Pilates for more than 15 years- essentially always with physical therapists and I have always been very pleased with my instructors - then I started with Caryl! She’s vastly better than any previous instructor. Specifically, Caryl knows the body and muscle groups like a pro, attends to all clients, maximizes every minute you are in class, varies the work outs to keep it fun, and you see results like never before!"

- Mary C. 

"I first began practicing Reformer Pilates about 10 years ago, after years of back pain, a back injury and subsequent surgery. The exercises were great and definitely strengthened my core and thereby prevented further back pain. However, it wasn’t until I started taking Caryl’s classes that I really learned what a significant full body workout Reformer Pilates can really be. Caryl incorporates strengthening, flexibility and resistance exercises, as well as some cardio from time to time. Her classes are never boring since she mixes up the exercises, and she usually asks her students for preferences. She is aware of each student’s abilities and/or limitations, and she adjusts the exercises accordingly. On a personal level, Caryl is every student’s friend; she fosters a great atmosphere and camaraderie among her ‘followers’, and, even though it is hard ‘work’, it is always a pleasure to attend a Pilates class with Caryl. Finally, after suffering from back problems for decades, I have not had a single episode for years……. "

- Elma L. 

"I have been extremely fortunate to be working under Caryl's guidance for well over ten years! Her classes are always challenging with no two alike. You would be amazed at the strength that my classmates and I have developed over these years. We are from all age groups, from 20’s to 70’s, and us older folks have the strength of those many years younger. We couldn't have reached these levels without Caryl's excellent and always encouraging leadership."

- Marilyn W.

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